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XS Tennis and Education Foundation
5336 S. State Street
Chicago, IL 60609

Phone: 773.548.7529
Fax: 773.681.7067


Mon-Fri — 8am-10pm

Sat-Sun — 8am-8pm



Q. How does XSTEF benefit underprivileged children in the area?

XS increases the access to tennis in underserved communities. We provide year-round instruction and summer camps at a significantly reduced price compared to regular tennis clubs.

We also provide subsidized after-school programming for local children to ensure every child in our community has a safe-haven after-school.

Q. Are there available scholarship opportunities?

Yes. Parents are advised to submit their W2s to XS Tennis to determine eligibility for scholarships. We offer both full scholarships and sliding scale scholarships based on a parents’ income.

Our goal is to raise additional funds for XS Tennis & Education Foundation so that we can offer more scholarships in the future to those who most need them.

Q. What are the benefits to getting a XS Membership?

XS members receive full access to our club including access to the gym, tennis center, locker rooms, and lounge.

XS members and XS-affiliated entities are the only ones allowed to book tennis courts at the XS Tennis Village. If you want to learn more about event rentals, please use the contact form above or email information@xstennis.org. Members receive preferential access to special events that we host in the facility


Q. What types of memberships does XS offer?

We offer the following memberships:

  • Junior: $25/month

  • Adult: $45/month

  • Family: 85/month

  • Student: $35/month

  • Seniors (65+): $35/month

  • CSP/CPD/CFD: $35/month

Click here to become a member.

Q. How many times can I bring a guest?

The first time a member visits XS, the visit is complimentary. After the first time, a non-member can visit XS three more times as a guest in a calendar year


Q. How much is the guest fee?

The guest fee for a non-member is $15 per attendance

Q. How can I set up a private lessons with an instructor?

Please call the XS front-desk and we will direct you towards our Tennis Director, David Ortiz (david@xstennis.org), who will allocate you to an instructor based on your needs. If necessary, David will have you come to XS for an evaluation to determine who the best instructor for you may be

Q. Does xs tennis have any adult leagues?

We currently have a number of adult leagues available including, Women’s 3.5, Women’s 4.0, Men’s 4.0 leagues. Our front desk can connect you to our team captains, who will coordinate onboarding you to a team

Q. What is the cancellation policy? Both for private lessons and courts?

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy at XS. This means that you must cancel your court or lesson at least 24 hours prior to the time of the event to avoid a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is 100% of the court time or the lesson

Q. Do I have to be a member to rent out space in the facility for an event?

No, you do not have to be a member to rent our space. However, members will be given priority. Our conference room is also available to local non-profits and community organizations who want to schedule a meeting and need a space

Q. How can I become a donor?

You can donate to XS online and in-person at the Tennis Village. Please visit our donate page for more details

Q. If i donated to the new xstef, where is my brick?

We are currently waiting until summer 2019 to put up our brick pavers. We are hoping to hit a certain threshold in order to put up the brick pavers in one go. We are getting closer to our target and will be communicating about this campaign shortly

Q. Does XS offer discounts if I pay my membership for the year?

XS offers tremendous access to tennis at a significantly lower price point, relative to many tennis clubs around the country. As such, beyond scholarships for eligible children, we do not offer additional discounts to our members

Q. does xs offer referral discounts?

XS offers a free XS t-shirt for any successful referral that results in a new signed membership agreement.

Q. If I cancel my membership and decide to reinstate at a later date will I be charged an initiation fee?


Q. What is the instructor-to-student ratio?

Typically, we aim for a maximum student:teacher ratio of 6:1 for groups at XS. However, unpredictable demand, late no shows, or unforeseen drop-ins can impact our ability to maintain that ratio. We ask our parents to help us by signing up early for classes, cancelling early if need be, and sticking to the classes they have been scheduled for as much as possible

Q. How late may I register my child for classes?

Parents can register their child up to the day of the first class. However, if classes are full, we can only offer a waitlist opportunity for your child. We urge parents to register early so that you are able to select the class you want for your child. We will only consider late registrations if a class has the capacity to absorb another student without impacting the instructor-to-student ratio.

Q. How late may I register my child for summer camp?

The final sign-up day for summer camp is May 3rd, 2019. However, we will close sign-up early if we reach our maximum capacity of children for the summer. Additionally, late sign-ups will be accepted only if we have not already reached our capacity of children for the summer

Q. What is a UTR and how do I register my child for one?

UTR is a global tennis player rating system intended to produce an objective, consistent, and accurate index of players' skill in the game of tennis. UTR rates all players on a single 16-point scale, without regard to age, gender, nationality, or locale of a given match

We believe that UTR represents the future direction of tennis and we believe it is in our kids’ best interests to adapt to the system as quickly as possible

Q. How does my child advance to the next level?

To improve their UTR, a child must play against opponents who are 2.5 points above or below them. A child’s UTR will go up or down based on the level of opponent that is played

Q. How can my child start playing tournaments?

Our XS Tennis staff are currently building out a guide to USTA tournaments for parents. You can also attend one of our seminars on this topic that we will try to hold monthly so that parents have an opportunity to listen and ask questions.

Q. What are the differences between Red, Orange, and Green Ball?

Red Ball is our beginner’s class for children typically aged between 4 and 6

Orange Ball is our next level up from Red Ball for children aged between 7 and 9

Green Ball is our next level up from Orange Ball for children aged 10-13

The ball is a different color, size, and weight, enabling our staff to teach tennis to children using different equipment based on their age, size, and so forth

Q. Can I schedule court time online?

We hope to have this capability in the future. Currently, we ask our members to schedule court time and lessons through our front desk

Q. How many times may I drop-in for class?

You may drop-in for a class as many times as you want at the moment. However, we are re-evaluating this policy over time and please be aware the drop-in price is significantly higher than the regular price

If you are not a member you will still be held to our guest policy if dropping in